Cybersecurity Tips for Co-ops

Cybersecurity is crucial for co-ops to safeguard their sensitive data and maintain trust with stakeholders. Here are 12 essential tips for electronic safety, including choosing a Canadian-based cloud storage service: Remember that cybersecurity is an ongoing … Read more

25 Years of Cost Cutting

Co-op Cost Cutters turns 25 this year! For a buying program that started with 5 services, it has not only flourished but also kept its standard of service to co-ops … Read more

Procedure for appliance orders

Are you ready to order from our Co-op Cost Cutters appliance supplier, Appliance Canada? If so, here is a quick procedure guide to ensure the process runs smoothly and accurately. … Read more

Aging in Place in our Co-ops

This is my passionate two cents about our senior members. They are, without a doubt, the foundation of our co-op communities. It’s an accurate generalization. They volunteer in meetings, sit … Read more

Malware, Computer Viruses and Cyber Security

These are some of the ways you could infect your network, email system, and devices accepting pop-up advertisements downloading unreliable software – can be disguised as Flash Player update opening … Read more

The domino effect of the pandemic

The pandemic has affected everyone and everything.  We are still feeling the many ripple effects. It has even impacted Co-op Cost Cutters. This ranges from a shortage of appliances to … Read more

Best Practices for Digital Audits

Co-ops have a lot of important, personal and confidential files stored in their offices. In this handy reference document, Paul Jaroszko, a Partner with PYC (Prentice, Yates and Clark Auditors), … Read more