Co-op Cost Cutters turns 25 this year! For a buying program that started with 5 services, it has not only flourished but also kept its standard of service to co-ops over the years. And we weathered a pandemic!

You’ve heard me say the program saves time and money. And it does. That the suppliers are safe to use because they have been vetted. And they are. If a problem arises, co-ops do not stand alone. You will have many levels of support, including your Federation, which supports the program, plus me.

Cost Cutters is built on trust. You have come to know that you can count on my support when you need it. And that is why so many co-ops across Canada use it. The program unifies us and gives us tremendous buying power.

Cost Cutters has collectively generated great savings and earnings for co-ops. And through the program, Alterna Credit Union has become the financial institution where housing co-ops do their banking and earn bonus interest.

Cost Cutters doesn’t claim to be the lowest priced, although we often are. But it does claim to provide the best value over time with quality products, services, and strong customer support.

Over the years, Cost Cutters has evolved into something solid that you can rely on. And that gives me a great sense of pride, in the program and our sector.

We have built long-term relationships with our suppliers who value us and go the extra mile for us. If a service doesn’t work, it does not stay long in the program.

Here’s what you can expect this 25th year. There will be one or two new services. It takes time to research, reference, and negotiate the deals, so nothing happens quickly or without careful consideration. Stay tuned for more on this!

It continues to be my pleasure to represent you, work with you, problem-solve and explore new options on your behalf.

I hope to see you in Ottawa for the national conference in June, where we’ll celebrate a little. Here’s to 25 years of cost-cutting…and many more!

Miriam Wohl, Co-op Cost Cutters Co-ordinator
[email protected]