What is Co-op Cost Cutters?

Co-op Cost Cutters is a group buying program for co-ops across eight provinces. In Ontario, it is a service of the local co-op housing federations. In regions where there is a local federation, co-ops must be a member to use the program. In regions where there is no local federation, co-ops can access the deals if they are members of CHF Canada. Over 60 co-operative daycares across the province can also use the program.

More than 500 co-ops use the program on a regular basis. All research and negotiations are centrally done on behalf of co-ops across Ontario and other provinces. This saves time for staff and provides great quality, pricing and other benefits.

Working for and with you since 1998

Co-op Cost Cutters has operated for 18 years. In 1998, the Ontario Federations decided to pool their buying power together by creating one large buying program across the province. The Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto (CHFT) was selected to centrally co-ordinate the program.

Who manages the program?

Miriam Wohl was hired in 1998 to carry out this task. Miriam lived in two co-ops for a total of 21 years and has worked at CHFT since 1989. One of the benefits of using the program is that co-ops are not alone if there is a problem with one of the suppliers. Miriam works closely with all the federations and their members to resolve problems whenever they arise. She is a firm supporter of co-ops.

Why use Co-op Cost Cutters?

It will save you time and money. All the deals are researched, checked and negotiated on behalf of co-ops. All you have to do is contact the specific rep listed for each supplier. It’s that easy!

The Co-op Cost Cutters companies support many sector activities and events. And the suppliers know their clients. They are familiar with our sector language, as well as the unique needs of each co-op. Co-ops represent a large buying group. Over 500 co-ops use the program on a regular basis. When you use Co-op Cost Cutters, you strengthen our buying power.

Your local federation stands behind the program

Co-op Cost Cutters is a service of your local federation. You do not pay extra to use the program. There are e-bulletins, postings and Tweets each month featuring important program information, as well as special features and promotions that will save you even more money!

If you experience a problem with the program, contact your local federation or Miriam Wohl, program co-ordinator. They will support you in getting things resolved.

Send Miriam an email and let her know if something in the program is not working well for you. Her email is [email protected].

Program Benefits

Save time and money

Co-op Cost Cutters has done all the work to source trusted, reputable suppliers for everyday co-op maintenance and administration needs. Don’t waste time researching or sourcing quotes when you can go straight to your regional list of approved Co-op Cost Cutters suppliers

They already understand co-op needs and Co-op Cost Cutters has pre-negotiated a special offer specifically for you.

Peace of mind

Knowing that our suppliers have a strong reputation for service excellence and that you are backed by the Co-op Cost Cutters program will take all the stress out of outsourcing.

Our combined buying power ensures you are treated right and your satisfaction is a top priority for all the program suppliers.

Full support

In the event that you have any issues with your supplier, the Co-op Cost Cutters program coordinator is ready to help at a moment’s notice. We will represent you along with the unified voice of all our program member co-ops to ensure a satisfactory outcome.