These are some of the ways you could infect your network, email system, and devices

  • accepting pop-up advertisements
  • downloading unreliable software – can be disguised as Flash Player update
  • opening questionable emails & attachments (if they look odd, don’t open!)
  • downloading media and software through unknown vendors or means
  • sharing files (peer-to-peer file sharing services)
  • using removable media (USB, hard drives, CD, DVD) before scanning and verifying

Take precautions

  • get good anti-virus protection!
  • secure your accounts with strong passwords
  • make sure your backups are working!
  • never give confidential or personal information about yourself, your co-op or a member to an unknown or questionable source
  • if you think your computer or email files have been compromised, don’t send an email from your infected computer to anyone…
  • …and let your IT person know immediately! 
  • If you receive notification of a virus, again, consult your IT person right away; don’t leave it because just like a human virus, you can pass it on to friends, family and colleagues