Providing co-ops with support, solutions and savings for over 20 years.

About the Program

Co-op Cost Cutters is a group buying program specifically for co-ops, featuring savings on a wide range of products and services used by co-ops. Watch our short explainer video or click here for more details.

Watch the video!

How It Works

Each region has its own dedicated list of available suppliers and contacts. The companies are grouped in the categories of Co-op Maintenance, Co-op Administration and Energy Efficiency.

Just select your federation or enter your postal code to see the list of suppliers available to your region.

The Ontario co-op housing federations and CHF Canada stand behind the Co-op Cost Cutters program.

By using the program, you strengthen co-op buying power.

Our Suppliers

Our Program Categories

Co-op Maintenance

Products and services that support the ongoing maintenance of your units, such as:

  • Home improvement supplies
  • Paint and flooring
  • Appliances
  • Building supplies
  • Fire and safety protection

Co-op Administration

Products and services that support the office staff and administration, such as:

  • Office supplies
  • Co-operative banking
  • Software and technology
  • Credit reports
  • Office equipment

Energy Efficiency

Products and services that protect the environment and reduce costs, such as:

  • Water-efficient retrofits
  • LED lighting products
  • Recycled paint supplies
  • Water-efficient laundry equipment
  • Energy-efficient appliances