This is my passionate two cents about our senior members. They are, without a doubt, the foundation of our co-op communities. It’s an accurate generalization. They volunteer in meetings, sit on committees, and get out to vote. Their leadership, wisdom and mentorship are integral to the success of our co-ops. I have seen this again and again when I visit co-ops.

I have also seen it at the Century of Co-operation (COC) event.

The COC is a celebration of our senior members. This award is given to members whose age, plus number of years they have lived in their co-op, add up to 100. They are our co-op Centurions.

The COC award is an acknowledgement of the work they have done, which often goes unnoticed. This is one of my favourite sector events. The awardees are funny, full of anecdotes and stories, vibrant and they love their co-ops. They inspire me.

Another way to celebrate our senior members is to support them. And there’s no better way to do this than to help them Age in Place, in the home they love, for as long as possible.

Years ago, I developed an Aging in Place list of products with HD Supply, a Cost Cutters supplier. We recently updated it and I’m exploring other things to add.

Aging in Place solutions are easily affordable to implement. Changing a door or faucet handle, from round to lever, makes a world of difference to arthritic hands. I can tell you this firsthand.

Grab bars for balance and support, taller toilets and other simple modifications can improve quality of life – for anyone who struggles with mobility challenges and varying abilities.

Many co-ops have done much more than this and I applaud you. But for those that want to start with small, affordable changes, here are the Aging in Place products you can access right now. With a program discount.

As always, I am here for you. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions.

Miriam Wohl, Co-op Cost Cutters Co-ordinator
[email protected]