Domino Effect

The pandemic has affected everyone and everything.  We are still feeling the many ripple effects. It has even impacted Co-op Cost Cutters. This ranges from a shortage of appliances to higher gas prices that affect our gas consortium.

But we have done well despite the obstacles. We were able to secure a good price for natural gas. With advice and guidance from EnersStream, our gas purchase agent, the consortium price continues to be well below market rates.

You most likely know by now there is a shortage of appliances.  The supply chain has been affected by a slowdown in production and a shortage of certain parts. This effect is worldwide.

Add to this the cost of shipping containers which has more than quadrupled and are low in stock.  It is the perfect storm for higher pricing.

This is what I am advising co-ops to do.  If you think you’ll need to replace a couple of appliances in a few months, order now!

And if you have storage space to do so, order a couple of extras to have on hand.  Not every co-op can do this, but if you can, it will ensure that your members get the appliances they need.

There are two appliance suppliers in Cost Cutters.  Appliance Canada has been in the program for 23 years and continues to prioritize co-op orders.  They have gone out of their way to fill your orders as quickly as possible.

Our central contact for Appliance Canada is Fred Mansoub.  His email is [email protected].  Fred or I can provide you with a price list.

HD Supply also carries appliances.  They will be a bit more expensive, but if you are in a bind, HD Supply is our second most widely used Cost Cutters service.  They have been in the program for over 18 years. Our central contact for HD Supply is Basil Sealy.  His email is [email protected].

Prices will be going up in the new year, so it is advisable that you purchase some of your appliances before year’s end. 

Miriam Wohl
Co-op Cost Cutters Co-ordinator
[email protected]