Are you ready to order from our Co-op Cost Cutters appliance supplier, Appliance Canada? If so, here is a quick procedure guide to ensure the process runs smoothly and accurately.

1. To place an order, please use email so that you will have a paper trail

2. Email your order to [email protected] and copy Fred Mansoub at [email protected] 

3. You can also copy me at this email: [email protected] 

4. The Order Desk will confirm availability; if you have any concerns, send an email to Fred and copy me 

5. Please include the name and phone number of the best person to contact at the co-op for delivery details and timeline 

6. Specify whether a fridge needs a Right or Left hinge configuration for the doors 

7. If you need the old appliance to be removed, let Appliance Canada know at the time of order – otherwise they will not take it away 

8. It’s important that new fridges sit for 2 hours before being plugged in – let your members know about this so they can make plans to store food safely until the new fridge is up and running 

Our members are very satisfied with the exceptional pricing and customer service offered by Appliance Canada. I hope these steps will help your order experience be a positive one.