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Co-op Cost Cutters is a service of the local Federations across Ontario (CHASEO, CHFT, COCHF, GHCHF and PHCHF). Where a local Federation exists, co-ops must be a member of that Federation in order to get program deals. In areas where there is no local Federation, members of CHF Canada can also use the program. If your co-op does not have a local Federation and is a member of CHF Canada, type your postal code below to get the List of Suppliers for your area.

CHF Unfederated Supplier List

September 29, 2023
Official supplier of Ricoh copiers, plus digitizing, IT and cloud services
Sandy Mark
[email protected]
Office supplies, office furniture and technology
Jimmy Kyung
1-866-391-8111, then press 1 to order
[email protected]
Accounting and management software for co-ops
Kirk Lyn
1-800-267-7243, ext. 427
[email protected]
Bulk internet service
Major Accounts
1-866-567-5778, press 2
[email protected]
Streamlined online rent collection for co-ops
Tom Lennox
[email protected]
Unit inspection software
John Ortynsky
[email protected]
Paint and painting equipment
Martin Wolf
1-800-387-7311, ext. 2
[email protected]
Building maintenance supplies
Sheri Lewis
[email protected]
Bathroom and kitchen renovations, windows and more
Ralph Greco
[email protected]
Eco paint, paint supplies and flooring
Benjamin Strong
[email protected]
Free water audits & water efficient toilet retrofits
Shawn Bovay
[email protected]