Simple. Streamlined. Integrated.

TenantPay is a Canadian service that will help your co-op and members with touchless/paperless payment of housing charges. Members do not even need to come to the office.

Once members get their TenantPay code, they make payments safely and conveniently through any bank or credit union (online, ATM, teller or phone). Members that do not have a bank account can pay at any Money Mart.

Payments are posted immediately as proof of payment.

Co-ops pay $1 per transaction. Auditors like this service versus e-transfers because it provides proof of payment. No member information is needed or collected, making it easy for members and co-ops to use.

There are no contracts to sign, no charge for setup or support, no hidden monthly fees. PLUS: payments always go through, so there are no NSF charges.


  • No extra software or equipment to manage
  • Secure & safe with privacy protection and physical distancing
  • Lower carbon footprint for co-ops
  • Save time and money with a simple, integrated process
  • Trusted partner with 15 years in business


To set up a TenantPay account for your co-op, contact Tom Lennox at [email protected]

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