Rentcheck has been an industry-trusted provider of Applicant Inquiry Services since 1976. We have served Co-op housing groups for more than 2 decades, offering Credit and Rental History information to help them make safe, affordable and impartial resident decisions and locate those who leave owing arrears.

The Deal

  • No annual membership or monthly maintenance fees
  • Save over current market prices
  • Reports received online in under 2 seconds, 24/7
  • Know your data is kept safe and private; we are certified by 7 international cybersecurity organizations

Premium Report Package | $15

  • Sourced from Equifax or TransUnion, in English-French
  • Includes detailed consumer financial information, banking records, loans, credit cards, mortgages, bankruptcies, NSFs, collections, etc.
  • Includes free Tenancy History Report showing housing payment patterns (i.e., consistently in full, on time; in arrears, sporadic; premises care, by-law compliance, etc.)
  • Credit Score can be added for $3

Looking For Someone?

PeopleSearch is a rapid and effective tool for locating residents who leave owing money for housing, damages or other charges and is one of our most popular new products.


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