PHCHF Supplier List

July 25, 2024

Co-op Administration

Banking with bonus interest
Susan Henry
1-877-560-0100, press 1, then extension 3419
[email protected]
Official supplier of Ricoh copiers, plus digitizing, IT and cloud services
Sandy Mark
[email protected]
Office supplies, office furniture and technology
Jimmy Kyung
1-866-391-8111, then press 1 to order
[email protected]
Accounting and management software for co-ops
Kirk Lyn
1-800-267-7243, ext. 427
[email protected]
Premium credit reports plus tenancy history
Brenda J. Maxwell
1-800-661-7312, ext. 221
[email protected]
Bulk internet service
Major Accounts
1-866-567-5778, press 2
[email protected]
Streamlined online rent collection for co-ops
Customer Service
[email protected]

Co-op Maintenance

ENERGY STAR appliances
Fred Mansoub
[email protected]
Unit inspection software
John Ortynsky
[email protected]
Paint and painting equipment
Martin Wolf
1-800-387-7311, ext. 2
[email protected]
Natural gas
Brian Baker
1-877-813-9333, ext. 236
[email protected]
Building maintenance supplies
Amela McLeod
[email protected]
24/7 service and repairs of fire safety equipment
Mark Vandooren
[email protected]
Pest Control and Wildlife Removal Services
Mark Joseph
[email protected]
Bathroom and kitchen renovations, windows and more
Ralph Greco
[email protected]
Eco paint, paint supplies and flooring
Benjamin Strong
[email protected]

Energy Efficiencies

Water efficient laundry equipment
Karri-Lee Grant
1-800-361-2646, ext. 2655
[email protected]
Free water audits & water efficient toilet retrofits
Shawn Bovay
[email protected]