The Atmospheric Fund

The Atmospheric Fund



The Atmospheric Fund invests in urban solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. They achieve their mission by listening to local communities and offering support through their community grants program.


  • a qualified engineering firm will conduct an energy audit on your co-op & recommend energy efficiency measures
  • TAF will pay up to 100% for any measures installed
  • the energy savings will be shared with your co-op – TAF’s portion of the savings will go towards repaying their costs
  • equipment will be purchased and owned by TAF until they recover their costs (up to a maximum of 10 years)
  • after TAF’s costs are recovered, your co-op gets 100% of the savings from that point on
  • the energy savings are insured
  • if the savings do not materialize, you do not pay anything

You do not need to use Capital or Reserve Funds for any of this work!


  • replace aging equipment
  • improve building comfort
  • save money on water, electricity and gas utility costs
  • reduce greenhouse emissions, all without any upfront costs to your co-op


For more information, contact Tim Stoate at 416 393-6368 or


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