Featured Supplier

Featured Supplier

Please welcome Rona to Co-op Cost Cutters!

I am proud to announce Rona as our newest Co-op Cost Cutters supplier, for staff who like to shop in a store!

Co-ops can shop online or at Rona stores – and get delivery straight to your door.

Rona specializes in bathroom & kitchen renovations that include installation.

So you now have two options in Co-op Cost Cutters for all types of maintenance supplies.

Plus, Rona can do windows! They will oversee projects and provide a Rona guarantee.

Of course there is a Co-op Cost Cutters discount on everything – and a larger discount if buying in higher quantities.

Program pricing is also available to co-op staff and members with a voucher.
We have a dedicated co-op account manager, Paul O’Connor, who will assist with questions, sourcing, advice and problem solving.

For information on how to set up your co-op’s Rona account and the process to follow to get the discounts, contact Paul O’Connor. See the Rona ad for details!