• The natural gas market is volatile – the price of gas changes by the week, day, hour and sometimes by the minute
  • Global economy, supply and demand, weather, politics and the price of oil can affect the price of natural gas
  • Gas marketers do not always reflect all costs in the price they offer

EnerStream Will

  • Manage and advise the consortium about when to purchase
  • Develop a diverse purchase portfolio to get the best possible price
  • Handle all paperwork with local gas utilities to facilitate enrolment into the Co-op Cost Cutters natural gas program

Members Will

  • Be part of a large gas consortium to get the best possible price at the time of purchase
  • Have a dedicated account manager
  • Be in a gas consortium with other co-ops
  • Not be affected by the constant ups and downs of the gas market
  • Get a clear on bill price that reflects all costs of the gas purchase

Unbeatable Service!

  • Manufacturers’ warranties and service
  • Free delivery, unpacking and setting in place
  • Free removal of old appliances — ask for this service when you place your order


Brian Baker
1-877-813-9333, ext. 236