For over 70 years, Coinamatic has been the leading provider of laundry equipment in Canada for multi residential housing. Coinamatic offers premium coin and card operated machines with lease, rent or purchase options. Whether you have a 400 unit high rise or a 40 unit walk up, Coinamatic has something to fit your needs.

The Deal

  • Bulk purchase rates
  • Free consultation and support to improve your laundry facilities
  • 100% of revenue collected for the first 6 months on the shared revenue program
  • 6 months free rent on the rental plan

Members Get

  • State of the art energy efficient laundry equipment with user friendly controls
  • Coin and card operated payment systems
  • Purchase, rent and revenue share options
  • Free vandalism protection with revenue share option
  • Outstanding service
  • Free delivery & installation and removal of old equipment
  • 24/7 live voice contact centre


Karri-Lee Grant
1-800-361-2646, ext. 2655